One thing I’ve learned about family group portraits is that no two are the same. Every family is unique! However, the process of planning the session is pretty consistent…and that’s good news for you!

Whether its the kids coming home from school or the whole extended family coming for a visit, getting a great family group portrait can be a fun, stress-free experience….if you follow these tips. Here are few things we’ve learned while helping hundreds of families get wonderful results.

Plan ahead. Reach out to your photographer of choice early, even if you can’t nail down the dates yet. Once its on “on the calendar” you can work out the details. If you are not sure who to call, click here for some tips on choosing the right photographer.

Think about what you want from the session. Visit your photographer and ask to see samples of their work and how it is displayed and enjoyed. Have an open mind. An experienced studio should be able to help you clarify your options. Do you want wall decor for your home? Albums of photographs. Gifts? There are lots of wonderful, creative options to choose from.

Family Portrait in Deer Valley, Utah home

Family Portrait in Deer Valley, Utah home

Invite your photographer to come by your home for a visit. Let them see your taste in decor and photograph potential spots to hang photographs. If you are going to be creating images in your home, discuss the desired location.

Think about your style. Are you casual or formal. Do you want to be outside or inside? Your photographs should reflect your style and the way you live.

Family Portrait at Promontory Ranch

Family Portrait at Promontory Ranch

Involve you spouse. Be on the same page. Invite your spouse to participate in the decision making. It’s important!

Be willing to think outside the box. The 4 generation family group shown below lived all over the world. One part of the family came from Katmandu, Nepal! Great grandmother lives out of state and had limited mobility. What to do? We photographed them separately and created a wonderful seamless group portrait. They loved it…and we do too!

Family portrait in Park City, Utah

Composite Family Portrait, photographed at separate times

Once you have these foundations in place…Relax..and let your photographer take it from there.

In our hectic lives, sometimes we forget to make time for those that matter most to us. I’ve had many clients tell me that they have never taken a family picture! Wow!

Question: Have you ever had professional family portraits taken? What has your experience been? If you’ve tried in the past, would you do it again?  

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