Guy’s Style Guide


Click Here to get our Senior Guys What to Wear Guide to help you with your clothing choices.

Bring something formal, something dressy casual, something casual, and if you wish something personal, your uniforms, sports gear and instruments.


  • Solid colors photograph best – drawing attention to your expression instead of your outfit
  • Make sure your clothes are pressed, wrinkle free and fit before coming in. Use a garment bag and at least hangers.
  • Bring a variety, this helps make your portraits more interesting – bring both casual and dressy outfits.
  • Try everything on at least the night before. If they don’t look good in the mirror, they aren’t going to look good for the camera either.
  • More is better – if you are not sure about how a particular outfit will look, bring it along, and we will help you with the final selections
  • Accessorize – Guys, if you have a class ring, wear it. Hoodies, hats, sunglasses – whatever will tell your story.

Don’t forget your belt, shoes and dress socks for formal portraits. Don’t wear a hat when coming in, avoid “hat hair”!

We cannot stress enough the importance of a solid professional head shot. Many times colleges ask for a nice head shot. Show them that you mean business with a nice portrait in a shirt, tie and jacket.

Check out our Pinterest Page for inspiration on clothing choices.

Grooming Tips:

hair style – whatever is you.

nails and hands. – they will be in some shots.

brows and facial hair – remove any unwanted brow and facial hair, please!

tanning – avoid sunburns and tan lines.

blemishes and shadows – we remove them all. No Worries!

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